Why Hire Veterans?

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by Michael Kissinger, Swords to Plowshares, San Francisco

There are many reasons to consider hiring US Military Veterans, including  additional tax credits which may run up to $8,000 for every new hire; per hire, and are a one for one dollar credit against the employer's income taxes payable.
The Employment Development Department describes the value in hiring veterans this way, “Veterans have made sacrifices while serving their country, and by doing so they have helped to bring us peace and prosperity. We've found that veterans bring to the job the types of skills that can certainly enhance an employer's workforce, such as experience, maturity and loyalty. Employers who already employ veterans know that it's simply good business to hire a vet because of the training and solid skills that these men and women have received in the military."

Here are some proven abilities Veterans bring to the workforce:

Leadership: Veterans were put into leadership roles at early stages of their time in the service. The real world, front line and often battle proven leadership developed in the military is well beyond that of a similar person in a civilian job.

Mission Focused: Every member of the military is used to working in an environment that is focused on the mission at hand. They are not clock watchers, but rather are focused on what it takes to be successful in their mission.

Team Players: From the early stages initial training, all members of the military are used to working in a team environment. Some teams are small, others very large, but all members of the team know that their individual efforts are to support the team in reaching the larger objective.

Work Ethic: The work ethic of veterans is unparalleled due to the need to depend on each other for their lives. Every military person knows that their life and success depends on their team mates. As a result, the work ethic of veterans is vastly stronger than the normal civilian work ethic. People who have served in the military are used to working long hours in non-traditional environments.

Training and Education: Today's military veteran has been trained in nearly every occupation imaginable, with a strong emphasis on technology. Most of the training schools of the military that teach technology, leadership, sales, management and operations surpass those available to civilians. Immediate Contributor: Veterans, through their proven experiences in the military, become valuable contributors from day one of employment. Veterans are used to being challenged, encouraged to demonstrate initiative, think quickly on their feet and give recognition for performance to those who earn it. Background Checks and Security Clearances: Over 90 percent of those in the military have had extensive background checks for various levels of security clearances. When you hire a veteran, they are less likely to become a risk to your operation. And if your company requires security clearances, a veteran can save you a great deal of money on special background investigations since the veteran can be transferred in status.

Government Paid Relocation Assistance: When leaving active duty, veterans are given government paid relocation. The amount of this assistance varies with each individual, but it can save your company money that can be used for other purposes.

Tax Credits: There are specific tax credits available to employers that hire military veterans. CRI, a Dallas based company providing online solutions to help employers attract and hire the best possible job candidates, has created a web based solution that allows employers who hire veterans to take advantage of the veterans tax credits. CRI's system provides automated qualification of all available tax credits for each veteran applicant in addition to screening tools to help the employer select the best candidates. Tax credits recovered may run from $1,500.00 to $8,000.00 per hire, and are a one for one dollar credit against the employer's income taxes payable. CRI is compensated through earning a percentage of the actual tax credits recovered for the employer. This unique new service is brought to you in partnership with VetJobs and CRI.


Thank you for your interest.

Michael Kissinger is Business Development Director, Swords to Plowshares in San Francisco.  He can be contacted at 401 Van Ness Ave, suite 302, San Francisco, Ca. 94103. Phone 415-558-8870 Ext. 205, Cell Phone 415-678-9965. Email: MJKKissinger@yahoo.com. URL: www.stp-sf.org.