Capitol Connection Q&A for Contractors - Week of 4/15/2024

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By Shauna Krause, President, Capitol Services, Inc.

Almost all rules have, but an expert can share what may be little known exceptions! 

Why would a licensed contractor choose a 64 hour work week? An elevator contractor learns that what went down can come up again, but there will be a test…

Q: Instead of converting our entity type from an ’S’-Corp to an Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Nevada, we would prefer to hold separate licenses under the LLC. Do you know the limit for the number of licenses for which a Qualified Individual is permitted to qualify in Nevada? I am struggling to find that answer on the Board’s website. 

A: A Qualified Individual can qualify more than one license in Nevada if one of the following conditions exists:

  1. The individual owns at least 25% of each company in which he/she qualified for, OR
  2. One licensee owns at least 25% of the other license.

There is nothing in Nevada which specifies a limit to the number of licenses a person can qualify as long as one of the above conditions exists.

Q: I am an Responsible Managing Employee (RME) on a license (CA) and would like to know if I can qualify two separate businesses with the same ownership?  I have no stake in either one.  One company has me as the RME/Qualifier and I would like to be the Qualifier for the other as well.  The classifications would be the same.  I receive a paycheck from both companies and work over 32 hours at each business.

A: An RME can only qualify one license unless either a) one entity you are qualifying directly owns at least 20% of the other, OR b) the majority of the Officers/Managers/Members are the same on both licenses. You will be required to provide a statement to the CSLB certifying that you work for over 32 hours a week for each company and will continue to do so while you are acting as RME for both entities.

Q: We have an incorporated General contractor’s license. When reviewing our list of Officers we saw that our previous “Board Chair” was on there listed as an Officer. We dissociated her when she left our Board of Directors, however we weren’t sure if we needed to add the current Board Chair to our license or not. I couldn’t find anything that said it was required to have that particular position on the license. Do you have any guidance there?

A: The CSLB’s rule is Corporations are only required to list their President, Secretary, and Treasurer on the contractor’s license. Any additional officers that you have are optional. If you want them to have signing authority for the license and be able to communicate with the CSLB, you will want to add them.

Q: I used to have an elevator company that had a “C-11” license. It was suspended eight years ago. I shut the company down and I want to start another company. Can I get another license under a different company name? Would I have to take the exam again?

A: Thank you for contacting Capitol Services. You should be able to obtain a license again, but of course it depends on the reason for the prior suspension. Unfortunately, since it's been over five years since you were licensed, you would be required to take the exams again.


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