California Capitol Update

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from Damon R. Conklin, Director of Government Affairs, Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange

California’s death rate drops to low point not seen in months
As of Sunday, the California Department of Public Health recorded a seven-day average of deaths of 63, a level not seen since mid-summer, near the end of June and into early July. Click here to read more. 

SBA Proposes Small Business Size Standards Revisions
The U.S. Small Business Administration is seeking public comments on two proposed rules that would revise the small business size standards for businesses in eight North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) sectors to increase small business eligibility for SBA’s loan and contracting programs. The SBA proposes to increase size standards for 113 industries in those sectors. The following table includes the number of industries reviewed and the number of industries with proposed increases in size standards by NAICS sector. The SBA estimates that more than 50,000 additional firms in these eight sectors will become eligible for SBA’s programs under the revised size standards, if adopted. Click here to read more.  

Multifamily is Performing the Best in These Markets

The 2020 Arbor-Chandan Large Multifamily Opportunity Matrix features eight categorical criteria: levels of large multifamily loan volume, levels of multifamily construction, labor market size, labor market performance during COVID-19, mobility trends, renter performance and sentiment, renter preferences and an assessment of COVID-19 risk.

Key Findings

  • Seattle tops the Arbor-Chandan Opportunity Matrix.

  • Phoenix and Austin follow closely behind, benefiting from resilient labor markets.

  • Texas metros, led by Dallas and Houston, continue to capture an outsized share of large multifamily investment activity.

Click here to learn more. 

Building Standards Commission considers code amendment proposal from state agencies for the 2019 CA Building Standard Code, includes proposals from DSA to replace the term “pedestrian access route” with circular path.”  Clarify that circular path “describes all prepared surfaces for pedestrian travel, accessible and non-accessible,” and require these paths to be “physically separated from vehicular traffic in all locations, with several exceptions provided”.  Agenda here. 

Edu Facility Construction: UC San Diego ends up with 5,000 fewer dorm students than projected, primarily because of coronavirus

UC San Diego has 9,655 students living in campus housing this fall, a figure that’s nearly 5,000 less than the campus has been projecting since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the LA Timesarticle here.  


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