Reminder: Don't Let OSHA Spoil Your Summertime Plans

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from Ted Schwartz, Safety Manager,   WWW.HRIDEAS.COM

As summer quickly approaches employers can take some relatively simple steps to make sure they can at least not have to worry
about OSHA showing up at their front door including: 

  • Summer fashions are in, but does the outfit fit the type of work the employee is doing? Being casual and comfortable may not fit OSHA’s Personal Protective Equipment Standards;
  • Everyone wants a tan, but you need to make sure you have done your Heat Stress training and all your outdoor employees are provided with enough water, rest periods and shade to be in compliance with OSHA’s Regulation;
  • Summertime means more travel, which means for employers who have employees driving, the possibility of vehicle accidents increase. Make sure your Emergency Action Plan is up-to-date and employees know the procedure in reporting and dealing with job-related vehicle accidents;
  • Party time! Plan your “company sponsored” summertime events with care realizing that if you do not prepare and handle those company parties correctly, they could be interpreted as a “company event” which means anyone injured at those events could kick in workers compensation and OSHA worries; and
  • Is it vacation time yet? Plan employee’s time off carefully, remembering that certain OSHA Regulations required a “competent” or “qualified” person to be present on the job or responsible for certain equipment. If that designated “competent” or “qualified” person is finishing in Cabo and there is an accident, safety heads could roll!

I hope we have not spoiled your summer, but made it a safer and
more relaxing one!


Ted Schwartz is Safety Manager for   WWW.HRIDEAS.COM.  He can be reached at Bishop Ranch 2, 2680 Bishop Avenue, Suite 126
San Ramon, CA 94583.  Main:  925.556.4404. Fax to email: 925.359.1470.