Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Deadline Is August 8, 2020

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Contractors: Funds are still available but the application deadline is coming up fast, so get your application submitted ASAP

According to the SBA, more than $130 Billion in Federal guarantees for PPP Loans is still available, so as part of our advocacy on behalf of our small and minority contractor community, MWIS is continuing to get the word out and is facilitating connecting contractors with our financial industry partner, Strategic CFOs, so that you can receive their expert assistance throughout the PPP application process. Strategic CFOs is an experienced accounting and financial consulting firm specializing in providing small business owners with corporate executive-level financial insights, assistance and services. You can read more about this most recent extension and forgiveness guidelines here. If you would like individualized assistance from Strategic CFOs, contact us at and we will get you connected.

Yes, PPP Funds are still available and the deadline has been extended! Even if you applied previously and have not received a response or decision, you can reapply through Strategic CFO’s direct portal with the SBA!

All business types (Sole Proprietor / S Corp / C Corp / LLC / LLP) can apply for PPP funds!

Businesses must be able to provide payroll reports, tax return and other supporting documents to be eligible.

Receive PPP funds
If you are interested in applying, email us at and we will put you in touch with a Strategic CFOs representative!

Please contact the Contractor Technical Assistance Program 
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