CA Capitol Update

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from Damon R. Conklin, Director of Government Affairs, Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange


PROP 15 Falling in Polls – VOTE NO to Protect Economy & Housing  

Recent polls show Prop 15 dipping below 50 percent support—but the pressure is still on to keep the momentum going! Prop 15 will devastate businesses at the worst possible time, and endanger new housing by incentivizing local decision-makers to choose higher-taxed commercial properties over new residential. View SRBX’s Voter Guide.   

Where Trump, Biden stand on construction-related issues   

This comparison looks at the nominees' platforms on topics of importance to contractors such as infrastructure spending, job creation and immigration. Read their positions here. 

Poll Shows Prop 21 is Trailing – VOTE NO: 

A new poll shows Prop 21 trailing big – keep the momentum moving by voting NO on Prop 21. Every CA county needs to address housing scarcity and Prop 21 would make it even harder to build. 

General Election vote-by-mail ballot - Nov 3  

All voters can now track ballots - from mail, to received to counted through California’s official “Where’s My Ballot?” tracking tool. Signing up is easy and only takes less than three minutes! Please note that registration does not change or update your voter registration. Register here. 

U.S. Chamber Highlights the Value of Inclusion in the Innovation Economy 

"Diversity drives innovation, not the other way around," said U.S. Chamber President Suzanne Clark at the Global Innovation Policy Center's Equality of Opportunity in the Innovation Economy event on October 1. Continue reading here.  

OSHA: N95 masks protect against the coronavirus 

UPDATE: Oct. 26, 2020: The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has come out with clear guidance stating that N95 respirators protect wearers from the coronavirus. Responding to claims that N95 respirator filters do not capture particles as small as the virus, the agency explained why an N95 respirator is effective at protecting users from the virus that causes COVID-19. Read article here. 


Cal/OSHA Standards Board will vote on emergency COVID-19 regulations that won’t be released until five days before the vote, which leaves no room for comments or revisions. View the written recap and listen here. 


Damon R. Conklin, Director of Government Affairs, Sacramento Regional Builders Exchange

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